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Research projects

Bushfire Recovery in Endangered Sclerophyll Woodlands

Project leaders, researchers and collaborators: Prof Elise Pendall (Lead), Prof Matthias Boer, Dr Yolima Carrillo, Steve Chapple, Tony Gray, Dr Alison Hewitt, GIS manager Inna Ljungblom, Prof Jason Middleton, Peter Mobbs, Peter Mumford, Vera Odonovan, Peter Ridgeway, Dr Paul Rymer, M Sherring, Greg Steenbeeke, Stephen Wright

Partner/Funding Body: Wildlife and Habitat Bushfire Recovery Program, Department of Agriculture Water and Environment

Funding period: 2020-2021

From hectares to tailor-made solutions for risk mitigation: systems to deliver effective prescribed burning across Australian ecosystems

Project leaders, researchers and collaborators: Em Prof Ross Bradstock (UoW, Lead), Prof Matthias Boer, Prof Trent Penman (UMelb), Assoc Prof Owen Price (UoW) and Dr Hamish Clarke (UoW)

Partner/Funding Body: Bushfire & Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre

Funding period: 2015-2018

When fire and water mix: do carbon dioxide-related water savings drive woody plant thickening and fire dynamics in a grassy woodland?

Project leaders, researchers and collaborators: Prof David Ellsworth (Lead), Prof Matthias Boer, Prof Victor Resco de Dios and Emeritus Prof Ross Bradstock

Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery

Funding period: 2013-2016

2009 Black Saturday and other large fire events

Project leaders, researchers and collaborators: Prof Víctor Resco De Dios, Em Prof Ross Bradstock and GIS manager Dr Gabriele Caccamo

Partner/Funding Body: Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre

Funding period: 2012-2014

Fire history and environmental drivers influence vegetation structure derived from space-borne LiDAR

Project leaders, researchers and collaborators: PhD Candidate Kathryn Fuller, Prof Matthias Boer, Dr Rachel Nolan, Dr Mike Aspinwall (international)

Funding period:

Student projects

Biogeography of eucalypt bark types in south-eastern Australia

Candidate project: PhD Candidate Kathryn Fuller

Supervisors: Prof Matthias Boer, Dr Rachael Nolan, Dr Mike Aspinwall, Assoc Prof Kim Calders

Funding body: Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub

Period: 2019 - 2023

Impacts of Australia's recent megafires on the grey-headed flying-fox

Candidate project: PhD Candidate Sienna Grady

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Justin A. Welbergen, Prof Matthias Boer, Dr Jessica Meade

Funding body:

Period: 2021 - 2022

Fires in drying forests: How do plant hydraulic traits influence fuel moisture and flammability?

Candidate project: PhD Candidate William McNeice

Supervisors: Dr Rachael Nolan (main), Dr Anne Griebel, Prof Brendan Choat, Prof Matthias Boer.

Period: 2021 - 2024

Collaborating and funding agencies